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Certified breeders of our association "American Collies Europe" (Amerikanische Collies Europa e.V.) stand for high-quality breeding, following the motto "quality matters more than quantity". New Breeders therefore have to pass a test for breeding-ability. All breeders are expected to improve there skills regularly, to increase and update their knowledge. For this the Club will offer internal and external events of further education.



Breeding kennels, breeding according to the guidelines of the association receive the title: "Certified Kennel of the Association of American Collies Europe". All dogs in the house have to live together with their owners in the living quarters in a way that is appropriate for their breed, and have to be taken out enough for daily walks with sufficient time outside in the yard or garden etc.. Keeping dogs purely in kennels is not acceptable. As a matter of course the dogs have to be able to drink water anytime and have to be fed regularly the correct amount of food that is high quality.


By the end of pregnancy for the bitch has to be provided a quiet area indoors which is sunlit during the day, with a well regulated temperature (at least 18°C). The place for the puppies of the litter must have a size of 2-3m². A heat lamp is to be provided, if needed. The adolescenct puppies will increase their cruising radius and the size of their area will increase similar and step by step according to their needs. By the age of four weeks their area inside must not be less than 7,5m².


At the latest by the 5th week, the puppies need to be able to walk freely in an outdoor enclosure. The compound may not to be smaller than 12m². After the 6th week the outdoor enclosure cannot be smaller than 24m². The older the puppies get the more time they should spend outdoors, up to several hours daily. In this time the puppies have to be able to protect themselves against too much sun, rain and moistness, with the possibility of being in the shade. Therefore a protected area is needed, which should be at least 2,5m², so that the bitch as well as the puppies have enough space. The whole place has to be set up in a way that no dog will be injured. The ground should offer different surfaces (ie: bedding, grass, flagstone, sand and or also floor tile, linoleum… etc). Indoors and outdoors hygiene must be maintained, cleaning up the floor and ground spaces regularly.




A well-balanced feeding, with several meals a day and water provided constantly are a matter of course as soon as the puppies are able to eat and drink by themselves. 24-hour care is a basic requirement during the first weeks. The puppies should be raised in close contact with the breeder’s family, to become familiar with everyday life in a normal household.


Breeding kennels which acknowledge to this guidelines can apply for a kennel name at the studbook office. The name will be trademarked internationally by the association "American Herdingdogs Europe" (Amerikanische Hütehunde Europa e.V.). The name has to be clearly different to already existing names. The breeding kennel will than be administrated as "Temporary Kennel of the Association of American Collies Europe". While breeding, at least at litter check all requirements will be controlled by a representative of the association „American Collies Europe“. Not till then the title "Certified Kennel of the Association of American Collies Europe" will be received as a special award. The breeding kennels will be controlled for each litter if the certification is to be carried on. Smaller compliances can be fixed. At harder compliances there will be a entry at the pedigree: "Not according to the studbook". Serious compliances will cause an exclusion of breeding. Only certified breeding stations will get documents for their puppies. On site reviews by a representative of the association „American Collies Europe“ are possible at any time, with immediate access granted upon arrival.