Walk by Herschberg

End of March we met for a nice walk in the adventure valley Weihermühle in the Palatinate:


The landscape is wonderful:




From the rocks still hung the icicles:















The trail ends in a basin:

with bizarre rock formations, which are an extension of the Karlstal sandstone, as many have correctly guessed:




All around small waterfalls:

Partly frozen, as beautiful icicles, a true natural spectacle:



On the rock formation led a narrow path. Halfway up, there was a magnificent view of the valley:

From the plateau at the top:






Crystal clear water:






Then we went together in a restaurant:

with a great flair

together with our dogs

we let the day end comfortably:

The food left nothing to be desired!


Lots of delicacies:

beautifully served:


 Thank you very much Jessica Velten for this wonderful day! We all enjoyed it very much!

Thank you also to your family!


(photos: Jessica Velten, Tina Theurer, Beate Rosenbach)


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