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Collies vom Allgäuer Tor

At 26th May 2019 our H-litter has been born!

The lovely white male "Harley vom Allgäuer Tor" is still looking for a nice home!

                  Stud-dog:                                                               Bitch:                         

"Rose River's Bright Cloud"                      Ju.CH, Int.CH Amayla vom Allgäuer Tor

MDR1: +/+    DM: N/N     CEA: N/CEA                        MDR1: +/-     DM: N/DM     CEA: N/CEA

     PRA: N/N    GCS: N/N    DMS: aa bb                                               PRA: N/N                           

HD A, ED 0                                                               HD A, ED 0

DOK (CEA/PRA/KAT): free                                        DOK (CEA/PRA/KAT): free


Please click on the names of the parents for futher informations / photos / Pedigree and look on the breeders homepage.



The male  "Harley vom Allgäuer Tor"  in  White / Dark Sable is still looking for a nice home!


MDR1: +/-    DM: N/N od. N/DM     PRA: N/N


Info / Contact:

Collies vom Allgäuer Tor  

Rita & Wolfgang Mitschke

   D-88267 Vogt

   Tel.  0049 - 7529 / 2194

   Mail:  hexle67  (at)  hotmail.de 






Upcoming matings are planned for the soon future, for example by:


Desert Moon Collies

   Dr. Mirjam Kessler

   CH-5644 Auw

   Tel. 0041-56668 / 2170

   Mail: kessler  (at)  balinesen.ch