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Collies vom Taubertal

Our A-litter was born on October 12th, 2021!

          Stud-dog:                                                   Bitch:    

              "Gaylord vom Zauberwald"                 "Sunhills Collies Carolina Butterfly"

MDR1: +/+, DM: N/N, CEA: N/CEA,                     MDR1: +/+, DM: N/DM, CEA: N/N

    PRA: N/N,  GCS: N/N  DMS: aa bb                 PRA: N/N,  GCS: N/N, HUU: N/N, DMS: Aa bb

HD A, ED 0    CEA / PRA / KAT: free                         HD A, ED 0    CEA / PRA / KAT: free  


1 female in Dark Sable / White


Infos / Contact:

Collies vom Taubertal 

Erika Handloicke

D-97990 Weikersheim

Tel. 0049 - 151 / 57970798

Mail: Erika.handloicke   (at)   gmx.de




There are litter plans for example by:


Collies vom Flörsbachtal

Susanne Nassler

D-63639 Flörsbachtal

Tel.  0049 - 6057 / 918574

Mail: s.nassler  (at)  nassler.de